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Artikel Terbaru , 2020-02-29

Google analytics alternative very good for embed

PenulisIndra Rani

Google analytics alternative very good for embed

Google analytics alternative very good for embed

Published : 2020-02-29 by Indra Rani | Website PHP Tutorial

Google analytics alternative very good for embed

Sitemap Google analytics alternative very good for embed

This time I will share tutorial about how to install analytics and Embed Iframe Analytics on your website and this is Google analytics alternative  By installing analytics you can find out where your visitors come from and use any browser. of course this is very important to be the benchmark of your marketing and to find out how efficient you are advertising. 

Previously maybe you have installed analytics on your website like using google analytics but this time I will not discuss about google analytics. 

I introduce analytcs which I think is very good to use and more efficient, namely web-stat analytics, you can visit the website directly on web-stat.com

The advantage of the web-stat.com plugin is that you can embed frames to see analytics in the web admin so you don't need to visit this site a second time. 

The Step By Step to install the analytics you can simply register on the official website https://web-stat.com 

Step Install Google analytics alternative on website

1. Click the register / signup menu 
2. Then you will be instructed to enter your email. 
3. after entering your email, you have successfully logged in / registered 
4. You will get a javascript code to install on your website index. 
5. Like the picture below 



6. After you get this code, you just install it to index your website. 
7. After you have installed it, you can click the Check Installation button and enter your website URL 



8. After Successfully Declared, you can return to the MYSTAT menu in the header 

9. On the My Stats Menu. there are other menu menus such as "Referrers", referreer tracker, keywords, and there is also a Traffict overtime menu, you can click on one of them to display the results of your website statistics. 
10. For example, I click the "Referrer" button. 


Then it will display the origin of the referrer site that became your website referrer. if you just registered, maybe the data is still blank as above, but if it's been a long time, then there will be many referrers like the picture below

On every menu, almost everything you can copy to embed frames into your website.  By clicking the CODE <> button as shown below 

and you will get a code like this 

You can install this code anywhere on your site to display the frame of your analytics results, for example like in your admin menu. so you don't have to bother to make it manually anymore.

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