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Artikel Terbaru , 2020-02-14

Why be smart in the digital world

PenulisIndra Rani

Why be smart in the digital world

Why be smart in the digital world

Published : 2020-02-14 by Indra Rani | Business Info

Why be smart in the digital world

Sitemap Why be smart in the digital world

Hello friends, this time, I will share, We must be smart in the Digital world. The modern world is very dangerous for ordinary people and does not understand what to watch out for.  What we must learn and what we must be aware of. I will start from:

1. Smart in the digital world of phishing  

First you must smart in the digital world of Phishing , Phishing is a method for adding your personal information such as Facebook accounts, WhatsApp numbers, account numbers, etc. 

Phishing here is a web request site or entry using your account using a fake website. like Facebook. and the people most often transferred to phishing are people who use their mobile phones to use or move cyberspace. 

Phishers create websites that look the same or 99% the same as websites you normally visit such as "Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Paypal, DLL". 

So you think that is the official site you are visiting, and when you enter your user / email ID and password, your data will enter their database. and they will try to use the site using your account. 

This phishing method is difficult to get a victim, but if you become a victim then you can make sure your name will be damaged. Why Because people who have managed to get your account will usually ask for money from friends or people who often talk to.

2. Smart in the digital world of CARDING / SPYCARD

Next , You must smart in the digital world of CARDING / SPYCARD  , CARDING / SPYCARD is a method that is often used by cyberspace thieves, and what is stolen is not an account social media but your Internet Banking Account, Credit Card or similar is related to where you save money. 

How does this CARDING / SPYCARD work. 
CARDING / SPYCARD has a website where you can make transactions such as tokoonline. or whatever name you can make a transaction in. 

The CARDING / SPYCARD Actor's website will use a payment method using a credit or debit card. and the website will store that information in their database. 

CARDER (Actor CARDING / SPYCARD) Will use your credit / debit card to make purchases outside your country / your country. and usually he does not buy products in the form of goods, so his address is unknown, he will only buy Digital products until the money in your card reaches the limit / expired. 

You don't feel you can track whereabouts of the CARDING perpetrators, because it is impossible. 99% of carders have knowledge of technology. 

Therefore you must beware of sites that offer products / goods using a payment system using a credit / debit card. And the most victims of this method are women / mothers.

3. Smart in the digital world of Ponzi Scheme Business

And Last is Smart in the digital world of Ponzi Scheme Business . The Ponzi scheme business is the busiest business in the digital world. Although not all transactions with this Ponzi scheme are fraudulent, most of them are fraudulent 
So before you join or become a business member. This information helps you learn in advance what their business is from and where they got their business. 
Ponzi scheme business or multi-level marketing business in general. This is a business that pays you to join their business, and you get paid if you reach a level or invite people who have certain criteria, such as 2 lanes, left and right, or a certain level. 

Here you must learn where he pays you : 
1. Does he not have a product? 
2. Are you still paid even if you don't sell products? 
3. Are you persuaded by the promise of billions of rupees or do you have to pursue an impossible reference goal? 
4. And if you don't invite people, you won't get income 
If yes, then leave business. Human business is logically the work you do and get results. 
You take the goods and pay => that's the business 
You sell goods and traded => That's business. 
By business standards, there is something you must do (with others) or (with others) you can still be traded.

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