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Artikel Terbaru , 2020-02-15

How to Build a strong brand identity

PenulisIndra Rani

How to Build a strong brand identity

How to Build a strong brand identity

Published : 2020-02-15 by Indra Rani | Info Bisnis

How to Build a strong brand identity

Sitemap How to Build a strong brand identity

Hello . this time I will write about how to build a strong brand identity, do you know why brand identity is important for business and how to build your business / brand identity 

Speaking of brands, everyone might have their own favorites, some are even fanatical about the laptop is brand  "Acer" and when I buy a laptop, it must be the Acer brand. 

Now whether your business or your product  including your customer's favorite choices. that's why building a strong brand identity is so important. Besides retaining customers, also advertise from your mouth is good . because your product is a superior product. 

but even if your product is superior if you don't have a strong identity / brand, you will not enter the market or will not survive in the market. like "Pepsi" who left Indonesia. 

Someone who has a positive emotional bond with your product will become a loyal customer and like your product. to get to this stage, your business must be more than just business 

Brands can represent business and upload customer emotions. Your business will be considered more than just a provider of goods and services, and customers know why they are more suitable for your products than other competitors


What you have to do to Build a strong brand identity

1. Learn how to Build a strong brand identity

If you want to learn how to Build a strong brand identity , Creating a brand identity is done by making 4 ways 

1. Words that represent the values that represent your brand. Company example "TOYOTA" represents the value of "Safe" or "Luxury". 
2. Some also use vision, which is a sentence that conveys your motivation and business goals. Introducing your business must be highly valued, 

And if he is your employee, it can encourage and inspire him 

3. Mission Statement, Which is more real and can be realized. explain the reasons Why your business exists, and convey what you do, as well as the products and services you offer to customers 

4. Finally, Brand identity, which gives you the freedom to determine the style, color, and design aspects used in your marketing and communication with customers. 

To make the right vision, find out what is related to your business and what is unrelated, what are your reasons for starting a business and how to do it.


Vision Example: My company makes woven products from used newspapers. I chose this business to preserve the environment and show my creativity


Now think about the product that you offer and compare it with what types of products you will not offer (Contrary to what you do / contrary to principles)


2. Build a strong brand identity by telling customers

To be more complete Build a strong brand identity , find out what your customers look at your business and what you want for your business in the future 


Bring everything together in one inspirational sentence that includes the name of your business, your aspirations and the way you do business. Example of my business "My business presents a unique modern and environmentally friendly craft" 

You can share this vision statement with those who work with you or those around you. the more they understand and practice the stronger your brand


3. Build a strong brand identity by strengthening brand character

Finally Build a strong brand identity by strengthening brand character . The character of your brand represents the vision and mission of your business in one word. Think about what customers receive when they accept your business 

Do they feel safe, free, happy or confident ... focus on one feeling then do a survey or group discussion to find out what fits your expectations 

When determining your brand personality, ask yourself: If my product is a human, what kind of person is he. 

Is your product fun, innovative, cool, young and smart. as before testing its truth through a survey 

Now that you know what your vision, your mission, and the character of your business / product ... This will really help you to discuss your business marketing and business strategy. 

For example, a Vision Statement can help keep your ad one step ahead and focus on your business targets, while a Mission Statement can ensure that your ad is made in accordance with the core of your business, your ad must also make people provoke dialogue according to one word that matches the theme your business 

The style of speech in advertising must also be in accordance with your brand personality 

All of these elements help the marketing team communicate about your business to find out why customers choose your product or why you use your services.




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